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SCHMITZ Lighting Australia

TZ - 4LED designed by Schmitz. Technical information in next image.

We are proud to announce the release of several new international brands that are exclusively available to HALO on a national level. From France we bring you technical and decorative lighting specialists in Atelier Sedap, Dix Heures Dix and Lucid, while German’s Schmitz and Austrian’s Egger Licht showcase a broad range of sleek technical and LED lighting. View some highlights by these new ranges below.

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SCHMITZ Lighting Australia

TZ - 4LED designed by Schmitz

Create seamless flush illuminations that are easily installed thanks to a carefully crafted 2-part gypsum mould system. TZ – 4LED combines technical lighting with new LED technologies that have been designed for a snug and clean insertion into plasterboard ceilings. A uniquely large flush recessed luminaire, TZ – 4LED is energy efficient and gently illuminates a soft white or coloured RGB indirect light. Available in two sizes, this is just one of several recessed luminaires in the Schmitz range.

SCHMITZ Since Light Australia

SINCE designed by Schmitz

SINCE wall lights are a great option for creating a clean feature wall of light. Best when used in multiples, these luminaires provide indirect or direct/indirect light (pictured). Indirect models feature an aluminium plate on the front fascia, whereas direct/indirect models feature an aluminium plate around the perimeter. Available in a square or circular design each unit utilizes energy efficient fluorescent technology.

SCHMITZ Inside Light Australia

INSIDE designed by Schmitz

INSIDE integrates illumination with visual display. Ideal for retail, INSIDE is made from anodised aluminium and provides indirect light distribution. Available in two sizes, INSIDE is dimmable on request and utilizes energy efficient fluorescent technology.


Atelier Sedap Blok Light Australia

BLOK designed by Atelier Sedap

These high strength plaster wall lamps provide long lines of indirect and direct illumination. Utilizing energy saving T5 lamps the BLOK is dimmable on request. These long linear luminaires are available in various sizes and come in a concrete finish.

Atelier Sedap Ring Light Australia

RING NOIR designed by Atelier Sedap

Combining decorative and technical lighting Atelier Sedap specialize in creating high strength plaster moulds and luminaires that promote complete integration within spaces. RING is just one of many down lights that is designed to add a quirky edge to your interior space. Made from plaster each model can be colour customized to blend in with its surface. Driven by LED technology, RING is one of several designer down lights available at HALO Lighting.

Atelier Sedap Lampion Light Australia

LAMPION ROUGE designed by Atelier Sedap

Another one of Sedap’s designer down lights, LAMPION operates by LED technology. With similar characteristics to RING, it is made from the same durable plaster and can be colour customized to create seamless illumination. To view the full range download the Atelier Sedap Catalogue.

Atelier Sedap Terre Light Australia

TERRE designed by Atelier Sedap

TERRE, released at Frankfurt Light + Building 2012 is another one of Sedap’s high strength plaster luminaires. After seeing these pendants in the flesh we were absolutely mesmerized by the sheer detail in the finished pieces. Available in a variety of plaster finishes Terre is powered by energy saving LED or fluorescent technologies and comes in D250mm and D500mm.


Dix Heures Dix Jospeh

JOSEPH designed by Ludovic Roth for Dix Heures Dix

Inspired and named after prominent 1960’s performance and installation artist Joseph Beuys, JOSEPH is a carefully constructed pendant and floor lamp made from felt textiles. Available in a series of colours and three different sizes ranging from 200 – 700mm the JOSEPH utilizes energy efficient lamp sources that softly illuminate.

Dix Heures Dix Etoile

ETOILE designed by Fabrice Berrux for Dix Heures Dix

ETOILE is a large (D900mm) detailed suspension luminaire made from pleated fabric. Available in a wide variety of colours, it features an optional diffusing disc in frosted PMMA and adjustable transparent cabling. ETOILE utilizes energy efficient fluorescent lamp sources.


Egger Licht Luna and Stanley Lights

L-R: LUNA ROUND and LUNA SQUARE and STANLEY bollard designed by Egger Licht DLS

The slim LUNA can be recessed into ceilings and walls. Utilising a 6W LED lamp LUNA emits an impressive 240 lumens, 9W energy saving fluorescent lamps are also a sound option. Dimensions are D. 120mm and H 70mm.

A stylish contemporary bollard, STANLEY is available in two models, one providing a singular beam angle and the other emitting light in both directions. Driven by 3 x 1W LED lamps STANLEY has a lumen output of 160 and has an IP rating 54.

Egger Licht Dot Australia

DOT 42 designed by Egger Licht DLS

DOT is a small D42mm aluminium in ground luminaire with punchy illumination. Utilizing a 3W LED Dot emits 150 lumens and has an IP rating 67.

Egger Licht Z000M Australia

Z000M Series designed by Egger Licht Sirris

Inspired by the mechanics in a camera, the Z000M series incorporates a high quality glass lens that can change its focus from 15 - 60 degrees. The recessed option is fully adjustable to 360 degrees and the surface mounted options are adjustable from 270 - 90 degrees. Available in platinum or chrome they utilize 2W LED lamps that provide 100 lumens output per watt. For more information on the Z000M download the EGGER LICHT DLS News Catalogue.